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Land and Mind

Kenneth White's Geopoetics in the Arabian Context
by Omar Bsaithi.
Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008.

Publisher’s presentation

     This book is both a study of the work of the Scottish writer, Kenneth White, in thought, travel writing and poetry, and an application of one of White’s main concepts, geopoetics, to Charles Doughty’s Arabia Deserta. It is a largely forgotten fact that Doughty considered all his travels to be leading up to an ars poetica. Omar Bsaïthi’s thesis is that Arabia Deserta is a superb example of geopoetics in action. The result of the meeting of White and Doughty orchestrated by Bsaïthi is not only the reinterpretation of an English classic and perhaps a renewal of Arab studies, it is an introduction, via the writings of Kenneth White, to a regrounded field of culture.

Omar Bsaïthi is professor of English at Mohammed I University, Oujda, Morocco. Land and Mind is his first major publication. In 2006, he founded a multidisciplinary research team, Space and Culture, which aims at opening up new horizons in the field of humanities, namely by exploring new correlations.

Table of contents


Part One : The Theory and Practice of Geopoetics

Chapter One : The Way to a New Unity
Chapter Two : A Quiet Apocalypse
Chapter Three : Nomadic Thought
Chapter Four : The Plateau of the Albatross
Chapter Five : At the Far Edge of Literature

Part Two : Geopoetics in the Arabian Context

Chapter Six : The Genesis of a Journey
Chapter Seven : Kenneth White’s Geopoetics in Doughty’s Arabia Deserta
     1 – Approaching the Land
     2 – Thinking the Land
     3 – A Language for the Land